Big news for all pakistani people ….!!!!!


PSL came to Pakistan and many other country player to Pakistan…. And want to play in Pakistan……

All off pakiatani people are really happy and want see cricket in there home

Karachi city

Now every thing is going in Karachi..


One of the best sea port in world!!!!


Gwadar is one of the best sea port for south asian countries. Many countries want to invest there

It is in the province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. It also have a great importance due to strategic posation.

In year 2015 china invest 46 billion doller in pakistan on Gwadar and also in pak- china corridor. The gwadar sea port was officially leased to china for 43 year ….

Now in 2019 Saudi arab want to invest 11 billon doller in pakistan in Gwadar city to make oils refinery …